Why You Should Use Commercial Fencing & the Different Types Available

When it comes to commercial fencing, each type of fence has been designed to meet various business needs, and they are all advantageous in their own way. Commercial fencing is not only invaluable to protect the area around the fence, but can also be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way. Some are used in small businesses and others are used in large complexes.

Here are just a few of the different types of commercial fencing which is used worldwide:

CommercialFencing72– Wood Fencing

Wood is the most versatile material used in commercial fencing and it can be cut in any way to meet your aesthetic needs. You can choose from a range of woods such as cedar and pine, and you can also add various wood finishes to decrease the effect of weathering. One of the most popular types of woods used in wood fencing is timber. This is not only because it is easy to install and repair, but also because it can easily be painted and be fitted with all sorts of accessories.

– Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing and is perfect if you want to create a barrier around your property to protect pets and children. Chain link fencing is both easy to build and install and is also ideal for those looking for an aesthetically appealing fence.

– Aluminum Fencing

If you are looking for a long lasting and durable fence which does not require constant maintenance, aluminum fencing is for you. It is also a good option for those looking for a cheaper alternative to other metals used in fences such as iron or steel.

– Steel Palisade Security Fencing

This type of fencing is ideal for businesses who require a high level of security and who are also looking for something aesthetically pleasing. Steel palisade security fencing comes in a variety of different styles including single point and rounded, triple point, round and notched, W section, D section, as well as the option to include blunt or pointed tops.

– Steel Bow Top Fencing

Steel bow top fencing is typically used in areas where children are present such as in nurseries or parks. They are pleasant to look at and come in a variety of different colours and shapes.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing

There are many benefits to using commercial fences, which are as follows:

– Commercial fences are typically easy to install and are long lasting, meaning that there will be no need to wait months for your fence to be installed. Once constructed, the fence will last for a long period of time. Some warranties on commercial fencing can even last between 15 and 20 years, depending on the materials use in the construction process.

– When it comes to the colour, size, and shape of your fence, you will be able to choose one which matches your property thanks to the wide variety of options available. Whichever area of business you are involved in, there will be a type of commercial fence which will meet your needs.

– Perhaps the biggest strength of commercial fencing lies in the security offered. With a range of different types of fences including electric security fences and steel palisade security fences, you can be assured that you property will be safe from trespassers.

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