Types of commercial fencing


Commercial fencing has several important functions with security usually being a top priority. Different materials and styles of fencing are used to provide customers with what they need. If you are looking for a Derby commercial fence, you will have to explore the possibilities and understand the main differences between one option and another.

Wooden Fences
This variety is probably the most traditional one and as such, it tends to be readily available and affordable.

The wooden fence provides a beautiful traditional look and in comparison to varieties made of other materials, this one tends to be very easy to repair. Wooden fences are versatile and there are customisation possibilities based on the customer’s aesthetic preferences.

The problem with wood is that it tends to be less durable than other materials and the security provided is relatively limited.

Chain Link Fences
This is another traditional variety in the commercial fence world. It is affordable, very easy to install and much more durable than wood. The chain link fence is great for marking the boundaries of a property, keeping livestock inside and preventing intruders from entering the property effortlessly.

A chain link fence will require minimal maintenance effort and it can be customised to look more attractive. On the downside, this type of commercial fence will have a relatively generic look. It will fail providing the privacy options that come with some other fence varieties that are made of solid panels.

Vinyl Fencing
The vinyl used for the creation of commercial fences is very durable and lightweight. These two characteristics make the material superior and very popular. Some people worry that the vinyl is relatively easy to damage but this is not the case.

A fence made of vinyl is probably the one that requires the lowest level of maintenance. It does not have to be painted or modified every now and then to remain in good condition. It can withstand environmental influences without rusting or rotting.

The problem with this variety is that it tends to be much more expensive than more traditional options. A relatively big initial investment will be required. Though it can withstand the effects of wind and moisture, vinyl is susceptible to sudden temperature changes and extreme heat.

Aluminium Fencing
The lightweight metal is easy to install and very tough at the same time. This fence material is preferred by many commercial property owners because of the simplicity and the exceptional material longevity.

The fence made of aluminium is secure and it will demand limited maintenance. There are some shortcomings like the cost of aluminium. The material is important for many industries and as such, it can be quite expensive.

Think about your commercial fencing needs before picking the right material. Some people are concerned about privacy, others want to maximise the security of their commercial venue. These goals and your budget will help you pick the model and the material that are just right for you.

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