The Role of Commercial Fencing in Business Security

Fencing your commercial property is vital in ensuring the utmost security. Using the correct fencing will deter break-ins and thus securing the property within. For a business establishment, fencing options are numerous and can be chosen according to the sensitivity or importance of the commercial property. The different commercial fencing options available offer different levels of security and have different related features.

The electric fence is a favorite for most commercial property owners. This type of fencing is very effective and will prevent any unwanted parties from infiltrating the compound. When erected, an electric fence can be seen by all and will usually feature sufficient warnings on just how dangerous it is and therefore an intruder will know better than to attempt infiltration. The high voltage flowing through the fence is more than enough to maim or even worse. On top of that, the fence may come installed together with alarms that will sound in case an intruder tries to access the restricted area. In most cases however, the high voltage is more than enough to deter any break in attempts.

Certain fencing systems are almost specifically designed for sporting compounds like basketball courts, golf courses and the like. Typically, these fences are quite high, at times in excess of 10 feet. This will in most cases prevent any intruder from scaling it without being easily noticed and therefore protecting the various installations from being vandalized. Apart from the security aspect of these fences, they also prevent balls from leaving the sporting area.

Commercial fencing using chain link is also quite common. This fencing option is quite simple but still provides a good level of security. It is very easy to see what is happening in the areas surrounding the fenced property and therefore making it hard for people to attempt breaking in especially in the presence of sufficient lighting. Avery helpful security feature is barbed wire which can be placed at the top in a slanting position. This makes it hard for intruders to scale the fence and access the compound.

For areas that do not require very heavy security installations, railings can be used for fencing. Security railings are made of strong metal bars which make it quite difficult to cut through. The horizontal bars used are close to each other to eliminate the possibility of passing through. The bars can also be pointed at the top to prevent unwanted parties from going over the fence.

Palisade fencing is also quite common and somewhat makes use of the same concept behind chain link fencing by having barbed wire placed at the top in a slanting position. This kind fencing is made up steel stakes closely placed together, just like the security railings. The arrangement of the stakes and the strength of steel make it difficult to infiltrate the protected area.

Commercial fencing should be informed by the sensitivity of the establishment in question. The higher the sensitivity the more advanced the fencing system should be. The more advanced a fencing system, the costlier it is likely to be.

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