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You may not think it but Summer can see an increase in property crime and having your home secured with the best security fencing is one way to keep it protected. Though we would like to think that with it being lighter at night and longer days that our property would be less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals. However many of these people are opportunists and see the extended days whilst people are out or away on holiday as an ideal time to target potential homes. Choosing to have a fence installed this summer may increase your homes defenses and security from being potential victims of crime.

Choosing Security Fencing

When considering your security fencing you will need to understand what it is that you exactly want to gain from having it installed. There are certain types and different materials and each have different ways of working to help give you specific security requirements.

How To Choose Security Fencing-

Types Of Security Fencing

There are four types of security fencing that tend to be quite popular.

Electric Fencing- Used mainly in industry and commercial sectors for high security facilities such as prisons.

Acoustic Fencing- Which not only is a good deterrent but also acts as a barrier for keeping noises out.

Wooden Fencing- Wood or timber fencing is the most popular security fencing for homeowners because it offers the most natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

Wire Fencing- is mainly used in commercial and business sectors, can limit the chances of intruders trying to gain access by making it difficult to climb.

Types Of Security Fencing-

Additional Fencing Securitysecurity-fencing-Derby

As well as having your security fencing you may wish to think of additional security options that you can combine or use together with your fences. These can help easily increase the security and added protection of your home.

How To Add To Fencing Security-

Planning Permission

Before erecting any type of security fence make sure you investigate whether you will require any planning permission to add that type of fence to your property. Planning permission is an important step in ensuring you install your fencing legally; otherwise you may be forced to take your fence down. This could be costly and an inefficient use of your time and money if you learn at a later date you cannot have your fencing in place.

Planning Permission Guidelines-

UK Laws On Fencing

As well as planning permission the law on fencing can enforce certain regulations, rules and requirements to having certain security fencing installed. It is best to check what the laws regarding the type of fencing you are opting for are before going ahead with any installation.

UK Laws For Fencing-

Caring For Security Fencing

As with any type of fencing you will need to make sure it is cared for and regularly maintained. Extra attention sometimes need to be taken to ensure security fencing is kept working efficiently and is still providing the necessary protection to your property. Installing new security fencing and not allowing to care for it will only see it degrade quicker, loose its effectiveness and decrease its life expectancy.

How To Maintain Security Fencing-

Be Proactive With Yousecurity-fencing-Derby r Summer Security

Its not just inside your property that needs protecting there are various items of interest to opportunists within your garden and on your properties exterior. You might want to consider some proactive security for keeping your garden protected this Summer. Many homeowners will be hoping to enjoy their gardens in the nicer weather and this means they may purchase outdoor furniture and accessories. You may even be thinking of leaving your garden equipment outside instead of storing it in your shed. However all these things are at increased risk of being stolen or vandelised if you do not have the appropriate security in place. Don’t let opportunists take advantage and loose your garden valuables over the summer period.

Garden Security Advise-

Our Thoughts

As a prominent supplier of various types of security fencing we see how much it can benefit keeping your home protected. With the Summer now here it can be the perfect time to have a new fence installed and gain all the benefits of extra security for your home.

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