Be Prepared To Face the Floods


Flooding in the UK

The residential fencing derby team have seen the recent weather and have watched the increase in rain over the last few weeks. Winter is upon us and the weather is set to get worse and not better for many regions of the country. Rain is highly predicted to become a prominent feature in the weather forecasts over the coming month so flooding is also anticipated.

Last January we saw an unprecedented record of rain and it was the wettest weather on record from 1910. Homeowners knowing what to expect can do a great deal to prevent their property from flooding this winter. Over 5 million properties in the UK are prone to flooding that’s one in six homes. Around 40% of homeowners remain unaware their property is at risk and of what action to take.

Flood Prevention Tips

Prevention is always better then cure and even if you can only limit the amount of damage it will go a long way to preserving your home and garden.

Perimeter Fencing

The first line of defence when it comes to flooding is having a quality and secure fence installed around your property. Fencing is often a long term investment and therefore once installed will be useful and functional for many years. Hard wearing and durable it can help withstand the harsh weather conditions and be a valuable asset when flooding occurs keeping the water at bay.


For a short term fix sandbags have become a popular choice. When used in combination with plastic sheeting they can help prevent the build up of mud and silt. The only disadvantage is that they do not adequately prevent all water from gaining entrance to properties and some weeping can occur.

Flood Guards

In regions were properties are redound for flooding it can be best to have flood guards fitted around certain areas of your home. Pay special attention to gaps in the front and exterior of your home as well as patios and patio doors.

Ventilation Bricks

A simple feature that can be added to help clear a pathway and direct water flow from your home whilst screening off potential access points for flood water.

Property Floor Sealingresidential-fencing-derby

If you live in a region were floods are a typical occurrence having your homes flooring properly sealed will help prevent further water damage.

Non Return Valves

Flooding causes excessive damage to homes, gardens and property contents. A danger with floods is for sewers and sewer pipes to overflow. By fitting non return valves on your sewer pipes you can limit the amount of damage by preventing sewage backing up in the home.

Tactical Landscaping

Plan your gardens landscape so that it can direct water flow away from your property. Achieve this by sloping your garden and having less hard landscaping to prevent an increase in water levels.

Our Thoughts

Help prevent and limit the damage caused by flooding to both your home and garden with a secure and quality fence. It can be a great investment and provide a long term investment to areas were flooding is a high risk for properties. Our residential fencing derby team can help advise you on the best fencing for this purpose.

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