Which High Security Commercial Fencing Should I Choose?

Commercial fencing offers many security solutions for businesses, and ensuring your property is secure is vital. Choosing the right type of commercial fencing for your needs can be a daunting task, read this tips on how to keep your premises secure, and help determine the right kind of fencing for you.

Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Chain link fencing – Often stretched between metal or concrete posts that have been set in concrete, offering a sturdy mesh fence. Although sturdy, ordinary chain link fencing is fairly easy to cut through which will enable people to climb through, a more robust mesh option is also available.

Welded mesh fencing – Consisting of vertical and horizontal wires that are welded together. The mesh comes in many different sizes and is attached to metal posts. For garden purposes the fencing is often attached to timber posts. Smaller mesh sizes are often used for higher security purposes as it prevents it from being easy to climb.

Palisade fencing – Vertical pales that are fixed onto steel posts. Not suitable for gardens or domestic used, but are often seen around commercial buildings, or buildings in need or higher security.

Picket fencing – Often built no higher than 1.4m, picket fencing is ideal for gardens and domestic purposes, and is often used to border off lawns and to keep animals out.

Wooden Hoarding – Often only used as a temporary measure, this is a cheap security option that can help protect properties or construction sites from the public eye. Reinforced with wooden boards and set in concrete, it’s a great way to keep intruders out.

Choosing High Security Commercial Fencing by derwentfencingltd

A number of additional security features can be added to many fence types to add additional security. Typically, high security fencing comes either in the forms of high security mesh panel fencing and added features such as pointed spikes can be added to the top to stop intruders from climbing over. Although high security fencing comes at a cost, it provides the most protection from potential vandals and intruders, giving complete peace of mind.

Anti climb devices are often always considered with high security commercial fencing, as it prevents intruders from climbing over onto your premises. You may also want to consider the type of security gate you choose, such as adding a heavy duty padlock, or even entry via keypad.

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