Derwent Fencing Derby – Gardening Glossary

When it comes to your garden, there are a vast range of different terms used, from different types of garden fencing, to the terms used for planting. Derwent Fencing Derby have provided a simple and basic glossary of terms, to help you form a basic understanding of your garden.

Gardening Glossary for Derwent Fencing Derby

Fencing Derby

Arbour – Is a garden shelter, which is usually surrounded by plants or vegetation

Agriculture – The practice of farming, including cultivation of soil

Border – Is most commonly a long flowerbed, which surrounds a decked or lawned area

Compost – A mixture of organic materials suitable for fertilising

Cultivate – Process of breaking up the soil, ready for planting

Gazebo – Is often a small shelter located in a corner of a garden, commonly having decorative arrangements surrounding it.

Germinate – The beginnings of a seed growth

Horticulture – The art of garden cultivation

Mulch – Normally organic matter which helps to preserve the soil

Orangery – Is a conservatory which was originally meant for the growth of oranges

Orchard – A place for growing fruit trees

Patio – A small paved area in a garden

Picket fence – Often used for decorative purposes in domestic gardens

Terrace – A level paved area

Topiary – The practice of cutting plants into certain shapes

Trellis – A supporting structure for climbing plants

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