Types of Garden Fencing Derby Experts Recommend

Choose the Right Fencing Based on This Expert Advice from Derwent Fencing Derby

Garden fencing is a great way to keep your home looking tidy and well designed. Fencing materials are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various gardening needs. Many people value their gardens by growing flowers, vegetables and herbs mainly for their own needs. These gardens require fencing which goes along with protecting the garden and maintaining the garden. Therefore, matching the right garden fence is very essential in complementing the completeness of the garden. The following are a variety of the types of garden fencing Derby would recommend for a garden enthusiast.

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Privacy Fencing

Gardens within a neighbourhood normally require privacy against intruders. Privacy garden fencing is the best solution for maintaining privacy. They come with both plastic and wooden materials, which is the best for a densely populated place. Erecting a privacy fence requires a lot of consideration on the garden plants because they need sufficient sunlight to grow. Therefore, privacy fence should be erected slightly far away from the garden plants to prevent any trespasser from intruding.

Picket Fencing

This is a classic and standard option for garden fencing. Wooden materials are mainly used for this kind of fencing because they are relatively cheap and easy to install as compared to the rest. The fence itself is light and does not need entrenched post for support. Additionally, the post can be driven underground manually or by using the sledge hammer. It is recommended that the post should be treated using termite repellents to keep them strong for a long time. Additionally, treatment ensures that they can withstand the moist conditions. For aesthetic purposes, the picket fencing is normally painted with bright colours, and white in many cases.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fence is made of low quality steel and is a strong fence for a garden. It has been in use for a long time and requires specialised skills to install. The fence is very expensive because the materials are not easily available. Wrought iron fencing is very beneficial to the gardener because it can last a lot longer than other kinds of fences. They can be constructed according to a desired design and painted using bright colours to improve the garden.

Chain Link

Chain link fence is the less popular than the rest for garden fencing in most modern gardens. Although the materials are inexpensive and cheap to install, chain link fences are unattractive, and are not good for aesthetic appearance. These garden fences are strictly utilitarian, and should be installed in areas where beauty is not a great concern.

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