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Nothing says charming countryside like white picket fences! The fencing style is popular in many places from rural cottages to urban suburbs across the UK; because of their overall aesthetic appeal, ease of installation and maintenance, and affordable costs in comparison with other styles.

Like all other styles, nonetheless, a white picket fence requires regular and proper maintenance for strength, durability and beauty. The following maintenance tips are useful in this regard although it must be emphasized that the actual steps will differ based on several factors, such as materials (i.e., wood or vinyl), size (just a few meters or an entire property), and location.

Do Regular Inspections

While you can generally just leave white picket fences alone, so to speak, it is always a good idea to check on your fence on a regular basis. Of course, you must decide what the term “regular” means where your fencing is concerned – it can be monthly, or every three months or every six months – but you must make it part of your yard maintenance routine.

You need not even make a big deal out of your regular inspection since you can perform it while planting new bulbs or removing the weeds along its length. Your main goal here is to detect, identify and address issues with the fence, such as rotting wood, fading paint, and leaning panels, as soon as possible.


• Thoroughly examine the bottom areas of the fence (i.e., the part that touches the ground) since these are the areas that are more prone to decay and damage.

• Immediately clean and repair the decay or damage so that these do not spread to the others.

Do Be Careful About Chemical Use

There’s a reason why chemical-treated wood is not usually recommended for a white picket fence – the chemicals can leach into the soil, thus, affecting the plants and beneficial insects in the yard. In the same way, you should be careful about the use of pesticides near the fence so as to lessen the impact of these chemicals on the materials.

Do Re-paint the Material

You want to maintain the pristine condition of the wood so regular re-painting is a must for maintenance purposes. Besides, you don’t want to see peeling, chipping and fading paint on many areas of the fence, thus, the ugly, uneven appearance that does little for its aesthetic purpose.

Tips: Take note of the specific white hue used on the original fence if and when you want to maintain it. Otherwise, you can always experiment with other colors, not necessarily white, such as yellow or blue in pastel hues.

Do Use a Pressure Washer

The removal of surface dirt, dust and stains from a white picket fence should be easier and faster with the use of a pressure washer. Just mix cleaning agents with a pressure washing solution, pour it into the container, and then use the hose with its hose sprayer attachment to quickly remove surface flaws.

Ultimately, white picket fences are the responsibility of their owners so take appropriate action on your fencing now!

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