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In winter the weather produces excess amounts of wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures this can be hard for your fence to cope with. Many fencing derby homeowners will want to prevent spending time outdoors during this season but some little care and maintenance to your fences will help to add to their life and reduce damage and future problems.

What winter can do to your fence?

Many people believe that heat and sunlight are the main culprits to damage to fences however winters weather has its effects too. Excessive moisture from increased rain and snow combined with shifting temperatures can cause plenty of problems.

Rain & Snow

Any excessive exposure to moisture will weaken your fence especially wood. It can lead to mould mildew and rot in many cases. A good preventative is to seal or stain your fences before winter; it is the best defence against the wet. Regularly cleaning around the areas of your fence such as the base and panels were debris and leaves build up is essential. As the debris builds around your fence so does its exposure to moisture.

Changing temperatures.

Difference in extreme shifts in temperatures causes fences to expand and contract sometimes causing cracks and damage. If unaddressed these could become potential problems especially for attracting unwanted pests.

Shifting Soil and Surfaces

The excess amount of rain fall that builds during winter can soak into the soil causing it to shift. You may find this has an impact on the structural support of your fence. Regularly check your fence to ensure that it is remaining to stay upright and straight.


A real threat to causing the majority of structural damage during winter is debris. Debris that has been swept or blown into the path of your fence can be harmful. As well as any overhanging shrubbery or branches that could break under the strain of the wind or heavy snow fall. Always watch your garden for any signs your fence is at risk.

Winter Maintenance Tips

Prevention is always better then cure; so before winter begins if you take care of your fences they will usually be less susceptible to the harsh season to follow.

  • Apply a quality stain or sealant to your fence as this will be your first defence against damage especially excessive rain.
  • Regularly make checks on your fencing especially after storms. Check for obvious signs of damage as well as shifting in position or structure. Examine panels and look for signs of wear and make repairs before things get worse.
  • Make a habit of cleaning debris and leaves from around your fence the risk of allowing this to settle can cause damage within the moisture.

Our thoughts

Don’t allow your fencing derby homeowners to become neglected during the winter months. By keeping up on these basic maintenance practices you will help minimize winter damage to your fence and prevent further problems for the spring.

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