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Ever just looked at your fencing derby homeowners and thought it could use a boost. Then why not spruce up your existing fence with these fencing tips. Living in the UK can mean that fences from time to time can appear to look that little bit dull and grey.

Many of us would love to improve our fences but have a budget to stick too you can easily use some home remedies to get that much needed improvement.

Did you know that restoring a fence can be up to 80-90% cheaper then fully replacing it? However if you find that your fence has become weak and lacks security then it may be best to consider a whole new fence.

Have you considered giving your fence a deep clean?

One way to get them fences clean is to use a pressure washer system. They can help clean away years of mildew, grime and dirt. Stain will also more easily adhere to a fence that has been properly power washed. When using a pressure washer be extremely careful because it is easy to permanently damage your fence by putting noticeable cut marks into the wood.

For safety be sure to wear goggles because splinters and dirt can easily get into your eyes. Wear very old clothes when power washing because you will be sure to get quite dirty. Also be sure to power wash using the 25 degree tip for your sprayer. Smaller tips will burn cut marks in your fence and larger tips will not adequately clean the fence in preparation for staining. If you have never done power washing before, be sure to practice on some old throw away boards to get a feel for it before starting on your fence.

Use trusted cleaning products

There are a number of products on the market that promise to give you fantastic results when it comes to cleaning your fence. Try to aim to use cleaning products that are organic or use low chemicals and solvents. This will help prevent damaging your fence with harsh and abrasive cleaners. You may wish to research some simple home remedy cleaners that can be just as effective. For instance warm soapy water is can achieve good results if the fence is not to dirty to start with. If you find it is extremely hard to remove the dirt stronger cleaning products may be required.

Pay attention to staining your fencing properly

Many homeowners want to save the cost by staining the fence themselves. Staining or painting your fence can be a great way to achieving a fresh and refurbished look. Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s guide to using any staining or painting product for your fence.

Our thoughts…

We hope we have come up with some helpful suggestions for your fencing derby homeowners. If you feel your fence is in need of a makeover then with a few days dedication you could help it back to its glory days.

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