Fencing Derby: Tall Timber Close Board Fencing

Fencing Derby Tall Timber CardFencing Derby: Tall Timber Close Board Fencing

The taller timber close board panels may well be a contender for a high score on our Fencing Derby Score. It has a good blend of aesthetics, security and ease of maintenance. You’ll most likely see this type of residential fencing in dense residential areas. They’ll deter the majority of criminals due to the height of the panels and limited hand and foot hold opportunities. It’s not as pretty as a picket fence or a bespoke railing, but it can still look nice enough when kept in good condition and treated. It’s not the type of fence that comes with matching gates but it serves very well as a perimeter fence.

It’s very easy to maintain, with the wide range of spray treatments available for fence panels, keeping this type of fencing is very easy considering the size of the panels. The capped tops of the panels helps to deter the rain, so the panels should be okay when it comes to weathering, so long as the main area of the panel is kept in good shape. The same goes for painting it. When you paint the fence with spray tools, you can cut the time down massively.

The main focus of this, however is security. This fence is a tall, flat, sturdy wall and is supported vertically, and therefore leaves very little in the way of climbing opportunities. There are no horizontal planks to use as foot holds and the panels are often to tall for any would be intruders to gain any kind of hand hold. so as well as its security fencing aspects, this kind of fencing can be installed as acoustic fencing, which is designed to keep excessive noise out.

This gets top marks for Security and good scores in Maintenance, giving it a high overall score on our Fencing Derby Score. Check it out on the right!

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