Fencing Derby: Picket Fence

Fencing Derby Picket CardFencing Derby: Picket fences

Picket fences are usually short to mid height white residential fences with pointed posts also known as pickets fastened together with horizontal planks. This type of residential fencing is often used for aesthetics and perimeter separation, but not great for security. However, you can get taller pickets and they do look great, particularly with matching gates. Lets see how well Derwent Fencing Derby rate the humble picket fence.

They are moderately easy to maintain, wood protector and paint will do the trick, although, the more pickets you have, the bigger a time trap it will become. You’ll want to treat the fence regularly to prolong the life of the pickets, making sure that the elements can’t have their wicked way with your fence.

It doesn’t do much for security as it is easy to see through. Picket fences aren’t very high either, making them rather easy to jump over, although the pointed top of the picket may be a slight deterrent to the would be intruder. Also, pickets are relatively thin, and an ageing fence won’t be as resistant to damage and may be broken down easily.

However it gets top Fencing Derby marks for aesthetics as picket fences always raise the quality of a home’s exterior. Picket fences look fantastic in white and give an illusion of grandeur and tranquillity as well as enhancing any front gardening that may have been done on the home.

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