What Makes a Good Fence?

fencing-derbyHow to choose your fencing

Winters here and as our fencing derby team know many homeowners may find there fences effected by its harsh conditions. When it comes to considering whether or not to repair or replace; making a full inspection will help evaluate the best option. Though repairs can make a quick solution; a new fence will put you in good stead for the rest of the year as well as being a solid future investment.

Quality Materials

Always consider what will be the best material for your new fence. Usually this decision is accompanied by planning what you want to gain from having your new fence installed. Some people opt for materials that will enhance security others wish to spend more on overall aesthetics. However whatever materials you choose ensure that it is of a top quality nature and will not only achieve a good finish but will be able to withstand many years outdoors.


Cost is almost always a concern for homeowners when purchasing a new fence. Although you may be tempted to buy something that little cheaper in the long run having to repair a cheaper fence two or three times will work out more expensive than buying a higher quality fence first time round.

Many homeowners see buying a new fence as a long term investment to enhance and increase property value as well as being a functioning item. It’s not just about what you buy but how you intend to maintain your fencing once it’s installed. Treatment of your new fence such as regular maintenance, cleaning and repair will help to reinforce and increase its life span.

Fence Constructionfencing-derby

In order for your fencing to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and storms they need to be constructed with strong and sturdy supports, rails or battens. Ensure that the construction of your fence meets with the requirements it needs to be able to cope with being exposed to the elements.

The Right Fence for You.

Every type of fence will offer you a different type of function. For instance security fencing will primarily offer you security and thus be a stronger fence than your average garden fencing. Garden fencing will give a great look to your property and can be a stylish feature to compliment the exterior of your home. There are also other options available such as privacy fencing. Be sure to pick a fencing style that is suitable to your tastes, needs and the character of your property.

Fence Installation

In order to be confident your fence has been installed to the best standards possible you should enlist the skills of a professional. There experience and knowledge will guarantee that it is fitted to last and achieve the best results. Our very own fencing derby team can offer a fully comprehensive service and provide you with a beautiful new fence to your property. Be sure to visit or call for our advise and knowledge so we can help you make the best decisions for your fencing.

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