How to Care for Wooden Fencing This Summer

Caring for Wooden Fencing This Summer fencing-derby

Our fencing derby team are glad to report that Summer is finally here. Now is the time to start preparing and maintaining your wooden fence and we have just the right set of the tips for you. By following this advice you can help extend the life of your wooden fencing and keep it looking good for all to see and appreciate this Summer.

Collect the correct Equipment

The first thing is to gather the essential tools you know you will need. This will help you get a plan of action into place on when to start your fencing project. For instance you may need special protective clothing such as gloves. You may also need certain tools such as paint brushes and mixing trays etc.

Protecting Your Garden

Sometimes when using products on your wooden fencing such as cleaners, stains, sealants and paints they can have an adverse effect on your garden. Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that can strip plants, grass and foliage. That is why before you start a fencing project you should prepare the area you are working in, in order to protect the garden around you. Applying sheeting or covering to the ground for instance. Ideally you should try to cut back anything perishable that overhangs as not to get spoilt.

Fence Cleaning

The first step is to check and inspect your fence before cleaning to see if it is damaged. You may make wish to make repairs before you start giving it a deep clean. Cleaning will not only keep your wooden fence looking good but working efficiently. It is also good to remove any dirt or debris is also good for further preparation to staining, sealing or painting.
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Fence Sealing fencing-derby

When homeowners fail to look after their wooden fencing they near enough half its life expectancy; sealing can help solve that problem.
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Fence Painting

To add them final touches to your wooden fencing you may wish to give it a nice lick of paint. One colour you choose is up to you; there is a whole range now available to you at most home and garden stores. Opt for a quality product that will be sure to last and stand the test of time. Your fence may require several coats of paint depending on how the wood absorbs it. It is also advisable to paint annually.
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Fence Staining

Staining is an alternative to painting and can offer a natural look to your wooden fencing.
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Regular Maintenance fencing-derby

Keeping up to date with regular maintenance and cleaning for your wooden fencing is essential. It helps increase its life expectancy and to ensure it looks and works efficiently during harsh weather conditions and seasons. Be sure to have a regular maintenance in place for your fencing.
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Repairs, Replacements & Professionals

After such a harsh Winter and Spring you may find that your fence has succumb to damage. If you feel these repairs are too extensive or require replacing you may wish to consult with a professional. A fencing contractor can expertly inspect your fence and offer his advice as to the best course of action. Summer is the ideal time to look into having fencing replaced because it offers the best weather to have it installed and give it time to rest and be well established for Autumn and Winter.
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Our Thoughts

The fencing Derby team hope they have provided you with the information and advice you need to help you look after your wooden fencing. If you require further advice why not take a look at some of our other great posts or call us and speak to a member of our team.

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