Derwent Fencing Derby Home Security Tips

Feeling safe in your home is of great importance, so when it comes to security aspects of your home, it’s vital to put the necessary tips and tricks in place to ensure your home is as safe as it can be. Garden fencing offers a great way of keeping intruders out and can help deter them from entering your home. Follow these simple security tips from Derwent Fencing Derby to make sure your home is free from intruders.

1. If you have a front garden, ensure any fencing that you may have doesn’t go any higher than 3ft. This is to ensure no burglar can go unseen, and for any fences higher than this, you will need planning permission.

2. If you have trees or plants in your front garden, make sure they aren’t overgrown or crowded, as this can provide the perfect opportunity to hide and not be seen by neighbours, allowing any intruders to access the house with ease.

3. For fences and walls in your back garden, around 6ft will suffice. This provides enough privacy without giving anyone the opportunity to jump your fence and gain access to your garden, you could also add trellis to the top of your fence and add shrubs to make it look prettier.

4. Try not to opt for wire fencing as this provides no privacy at all. Wooden fencing is often best for your garden as it’s available in a vast range of finishes and colours to match your garden.

If you follow just some of these steps, then you can be sure you will have a pleasant and private garden. Always keep in mind, that it is your garden, and although you want it to be secure, you also don’t want it to look like a prison with barbed wire fencing. Always opt for wooden fencing in your garden, and if possible grow climbing plants surrounding it to make it blend with your garden and so it doesn’t look so out of place.

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