The Derwent Fencing Derby Guide to Taking Care of Your Decking

As the warmer summer months are coming up, it’s important for your garden to look it’s best. This could include maintaining those plants, cutting back weeds and planting new shrubs to help your garden look the part. However, a vital part of your garden is the decking, and without proper care and maintenance it can soon start to look very drab and run down. Here are some top tips from Derwent Fencing Derby on how to look after your decking properly.

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1. Over the winter months, decking can often get mouldy, to rid of this, just grab a bucket of soapy water and scrub your decking until clean. Once you’ve left it to dry, you can add a preservative in order to keep it from happening again.

2. As the rainy weather can often leave your wooden decking lacking in colour, treat it to a wood stain or finish to get it looking new again.

3. If your decking has gone very soft, then chances are it has decayed. If only a little bit seems to be damaged then you may be able to remove just that part of the decking and replace it, before all of it decays. Also add any preservative to the new decking as this will mean the chances will be very small of it happening again.

4. If your decking is starting to look a little bit rough around the edges, try sanding the whole area down to give it a new lease of life, you could then add a wood treatment to the decking to stop it from decaying.

Always seek advice from a professional when it comes to your decking if you’re unsure. By treating your decking with care you can help your garden flourish in the summer months and have a garden you can enjoy.

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