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In our quest to bring you tips along with the best Fencing Derby, we managed to bring you some fantastic articles to read. And we’re going to give you a breakdown of our favourite ones. Ranging from the health benefits of gardening to how to keep allergies at bay in your home, we’ve picked up something of a collection for you. So sit back and pick up a nice drink and prepare for some light reading.

Gardens: front gardens

You take a walk through your front garden every day, but do you give it the attention that it truly deserves? Are you aware of the value that it could add to your home if you maintain it. It doesn’t even need to be messy or time consuming and these tips from Guardian writer Annie Gatti will show you how to truly make the most of your front garden and transform it from just being a walkway to your house to something that you can truly be proud of.

read the article in the Guardian here: Gardens: front gardens

Breast cancer risk reduces by gardening and housework, research finds

Need some inspiration and motivation to get your fingers green in the garden? Look no further! Fantastic new research has uncovered that people can significantly lower the risk of breast cancer with light activity such as gardening and housework. In could lower the risk of developing the disease by as much as 13%.

read the Guardian article here: Breast cancer risk reduces by gardening and housework, research finds

Home Improvement Tips to Fight Allergies and Asthma

Our tips aren’t just restricted to Fencing Derby and gardening, but all home improvements. This article is a particularly good one, explaining the mass of allergens in the home and how to limit and eradicate them. Simple tips like ditching the curtains for blinds and investing in solid flooring can be invaluable in protecting your household from allergies and asthma.

read the article from Medical Daily here: Home Improvement Tips to Fight Allergies and Asthma


There are plenty of these article and more in our Fencing Derby blog, so feel free to peruse the rest of them and remember to come to us when you need Fencing in Derby.


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