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Fencing Derby Close Board CardFencing Derby: Close Board Panels

Close Board Panels are usually human height or taller residential fences with concrete posts secured in the ground to keep the panels still and secure. This particular type of residential fencing can often be found in front and back gardens purely as separation, but better for security than picket fences, for example. If you wanted more security from this type of fencing, there are taller alternatives which we’ll come to at a later date. However, these fences don’t come with matching gates, usually. Let’s see how Derwent Fencing Derby rates Close Board Panels.

They are very easy for the owner to maintain, in fact, any spray wood protector will save you lots of time, and the same with paint. Because the boards come as a flat panel, it’s easier to maintain. It’s recommended that you treat the panels yearly at the very minimum in order to prolong the overall life of the fence panels, as well as making sure that your fence stays looking at its very best.

In terms of security, these are mid level. They can’t be hopped over by a child, like the humble picket fence and would present the average person with some difficulty. An added bonus, is of course, the fact that the fence offers little to no visibility. The panels can’t be seen through and only a particularly tall person would be able to see over a tall panel. The panels tend to be rather thin, but they are sturdy, and as long as the wood is kept in good condition, the fence should be resistant to most damage.

In terms of aesthetics, the Close Board Panels score middle marks. They aren’t as great to look at as the picket fence, but they can come with arched tops to add an element of style and can of course be painted to match your residential exterior.

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