The ABC of Fence Panels


Wooden fence panels are very popular among homeowners because of their many benefits in form and function. Homeowners, nonetheless, must acquire as much information as possible about fencing panels before installation so as to get the best value for your money.

About the Panels

Wooden panels for fences are obviously made from wood, such as cedar, redwood and oak, among others. These wood types are chosen for panels because of their strength, durability and beauty, all of which are desirable qualities in all wooden products.

Of course, your choice in fencing panels will depend on your preferences in thickness, colour and style. For example, cedar provides for the best durability because of the natural oils that protect it from pest infestations and rot.

Benefits of the Panels

Wooden fence panels provide for many benefits that make it more and more popular than their metal, plastic and vinyl counterparts.

  • Affordable costs. The trick is in comparison shopping between several suppliers to determine the one with the most reasonable price.
  • Ease of installation. The panels can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, which will save on costs for labor. But if you want to enjoy fast, not to mention best, results, then hiring carpenters for the job is your better option.
  • Wide variety of choices. Name your style preference – thin or thick, slotted or open, plain or elaborate – and you are sure to find it. You can even ask the supplier for customised panels to suit your needs and wants in style, size and height, among other factors.
  • Protection from intruders. Fences provide for a sense of safety and security as well as privacy for homeowners. Intruders like trespassers and thieves can be kept out, not to mention animals and nosy neighbors although it must be emphasised that the usual safety and security measures must also be adopted.

Yet another benefit of wooden fencing panels for fencing purposes is the opportunity to strike a balance between privacy and the ability to still enjoy the outside world. For example, you can install wooden panels with a stylised, open design for this purpose.

  • Personalised design. Even if you buy standard wooden panels, you can customize it according to your personal preferences in color as well as add personal touches like railings and flower boxes to the panels.
  • Ease of maintenance. While wood is prone to rot and insect infestations, wood panels for fencing are easy to maintain with regular inspections and paint jobs.
  • Sound-proofing property. Wood is better at keeping out the noise from the outside than other fencing materials, such as a chain link fence.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder then that wooden panels for fencing is popular.

Choices in Panels

Again, the choices in wooden fencing panels are aplenty including but not limited to:

• Plain or painted

• Thin or thick

• Flat, even top or with designs like scallops, apexes and stylised flowers

• Closed (i.e., one plane) or open (i.e., with stylised holes)

• Lengths from 4 to 8 feet

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own fence panels now!

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