Derwent Fencing Derby’s Security Guide

People often worry in the back of their mind about trespassers on their property, which is natural; you want to feel safe in your home. There are several things you can do to minimise risk and put trespassers off of coming onto your property. Give yourself a headstart by following these simple steps from Derwent Fencing Derby;

Security Tips from Derwent Fencing Derby

Fencing Derby1. Have a gravelled front and back garden. Gravel makes enough sound at night, to put burglars off even considering stepping onto your land. A tarmac or paved slab driveway will barely make a sound.

2. If you have a back garden, put prickly or sharp plants around the borders

3. Have trellis designs on the top of your fencing. This will keep your house secure, and will make your garden appear more attractive.

4. Keep hedges and plants at a low height in the front garden. Don’t create a space where a trespasser can easily hide.

5. Don’t leave any garden tools out. These can act as the perfect tool for gaining entry into your home; always keep them locked away.

6. Security lights are a great way of putting off trespassers as it attracts too much attention.

Of course we’ve only really scratched the surface here, and there’s a lot more you can do if you’re truly concerned with crime levels in your area: however, following these tips should be enough in most areas to ensure that your home doesn’t become the victim of crime.

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