Derwent Fencing Derby Versatility

A fence is a freestanding structure designed to restrict movement across a boundary. There are fences that secure all manner of work be it residential structure or agricultural farm. Fences can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Derwent Fencing Derby deal with all manner of fences which include:

Temporary fencing

Such fencing is meant for areas where there no permanent need of fencing. They are installed mostly for public safety, theft deterrent or equipment storage. Construction sites are best suited for these fences.

Pet fencing

Used to mark the pet’s area of refuge. It is electrically defined to impart a mild electric shock to pets when they cross this immaterial boundary.

Ornamental fences

This fence is designed specifically for aesthetic purpose. It can be build from various materials such as wood, iron steel, vinyl or a combination of the aforementioned materials.

palisade-fencing-derbyPalisade fencing

Palisade Fencing is a security fence made of strong grade steel made into steel pales which are connected together with bolts. To enhance security, the bolts are hidden with tamper resistant fixing points.

Newt fencing

This a low fence made of plastic sheeting, buried into the ground and supported by thin posts made of plastic or wood. It is also called drift fencing and is used for controlling amphibian movement.

Perimeter fencing

This fence is made of single vertical metal bars which are connected at the top and the bottom with a horizontal bar. There are spikes at the top of the fence. The fence is installed to restrict thieves, trespassers and prevent pets and children from straying away.

Pool fencing

Installed around private pools to prevent children from falling into the water. Such fences are made from removable mesh, fiberglass, wood or tubular tube.

For more information on installation and pricing, contact Derwent fencing derby who will give you insight and help in building the best fence for your home.

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