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Ever just looked at your derby fencing and thought it could use a boost. Then why not spruce up your existing fence with these fencing tips.

Staining and painting your fence

Firstly make sure that there are no restrictions as to what colours you are allowed to stain or paint your fence. Many neighbourhoods like to keep the exterior of their properties in keeping with characteristics of the area. Therefore make sure that any changes you make to your fence are suitable.

It is recommended that before you start to stain or paint any fence you ensure it has been fully cleaned beforehand. All dirt and grime should be removed there would be no point in trying to revamp your fence if it is unclean. We suggest that you have your fence fully prepared. Therefore it should be cleaned and any broken or damaged panels replaced. If there is substantial wear such as peeling paint or rust then the fence may need to be stripped back and primed ready for its new paint or stain.

Paint or stain products will not cover blemishes, cracks or severe degradation and these will need to be addressed beforehand. Once your fence is looking relatively solid then you can spruce it up with your choice of paint or stain. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on application and that the product is suitable.

Replacing damaged fencing

If your fence is warped, cracked, rotten or broken it may need replacing completely. In some instances it may just require that the damaged areas be replaced and this can be easily done. Once these amendments have been made then your fence makeover and restoration project can begin.

Odd fencing

If you put in a new fence or a new section of fence, do not leave it unstained. It is important to protect your investment by properly staining the fence with a top-rated stain. To ignore doing this will mean that within 2-3 years your fence will look similar to fences many years older. This is because of the erosion caused by exposure to the weather that ages your fence.

Having a fence as an investment

Many homeowners who are trying to sell their home see the benefits in making an investment in their fence. Curb appeal is important to making a good first impression. Potential buyers are deciding if they like a house or not within the first couple of minutes of driving up to the property. One of the biggest turns offs for a potential buyer is seeing is an old and ageing fence. Make a positive and attractive feature to your home to interest buyers or to keep

Our thoughts…

Your derby fencing is important as a property investment and everyday functional feature for the home. It is needed for your security as well as being an attractive characteristic to a property. If you find you need a new fence then the professionals can advise you on all your options. Alternatively these tips on revamping your old fencing can be useful.

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