The best winter protection tips for derby fencing



During winter we can be besieged by wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures putting your derby fencing under extreme strain. Having a regular maintenance regime during winter can be a great preventative if you wish to care and protect the life of your fencing.

Prevent Moisture Build Up

Especially during periods of snow and regular rain fall your wooden fence becomes exposed to excess moisture. Unlike other seasons your fence will not be able to dry out as the weather tends to stay cold. In harsher winters temperatures may stay below freezing making it difficult for your fence.

Snow and heavy rainfall can lead the build up of mould, mildew and eventually rot. A good preventative measure is to stain your fence with a quality oil based stain before winter. Another tip is to maintain clean spaces around the surrounding areas of your fence. Try to avoid fallen leaves and debris building up, so as not to trap any additional moisture that may weaken your fence.

Prevent Warping

Though temperatures can drastically drop during winter they will continue to rise and fall as with other seasons. With the risk of temperatures changing suddenly from extreme colds to warm it can cause your fence to exp-and and contract rapidly. This can cause cracks and fascias to form which are unsightly and can become hiding places for unwanted pests.

Prevent Shifting Soil

During winter the solid beneath your fence can shift causing your fence to move. Fence posts and panels can also loosen as the soil moves. As a result the entire structure of your fence can be compromised.

Ensuring your fence is installed at least 3 feet underground well below the frost line will help prevent any problems. This is because the deeper you set your fences the least likely your fence is to shift because the ground is more solid and not lose as the frost thaws. For those fences set at lower levels make regular checks to see if your fence is remaining straight and upright. Keeping the base of your fence free from debris and dirt can go a long way as well. It can keep additional moisture from getting trapped next to the concrete, eroding it.

Prevent Falling Limbs

Many parts of your garden will become affected by the winter. Remember that snow can overload trees, branches and shrubs causing them to fall snap and brake away. If these are located near your fence it may cause structural damage. Before winter ensure that you trim back any overhanging shrubbery and keep an eye out in your garden.

Our thoughts

Even with the best preventative care and maintenance winter can still cause severe damage to our derby fencing. If you find any part of your fencing has been damaged or compromised by the weather you should opt to have it repaired immediately. Leaving it may elevate the effects and can leave your security at risk. We can provide you with experience, knowledge and advice for your entire derby fencing needs.


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