The most popular types of commercial fencing


Carefully selected commercial fencing Derby is the key to guaranteeing security and longevity of the product. For many commercial venues, safety is a primary concern. This market is quite diversified and there are various possibilities to pick among. Here are some of the most commonly used and recommended commercial fencing varieties.

Chain-Link Commercial Fences
Chain-link fences are very common for commercial venues because they are suitable for marking the boundaries of the property, keeping livestock inside and increasing the overall commercial security.

The most basic variety is a plain metal fence. Though less expensive, this one is prone to rusting. Coated metal fences look better and they are less vulnerable to environmental influences.

The chain-link fence can be customized easily. There are various materials used in the production. The length and the height of the fence can be adjusted on the basis of the client’s recommendations. The installation process itself is quite simple and convenient – yet another reason for the popularity of this commercial fence variety.

Vinyl Fencing
The ease of maintenance sets vinyl fencing for commercial purposes apart. Additionally, the material is lightweight and exceptionally long-lived. When high quality vinyl is used, the fence will be exceptionally strong and capable of withstanding all kinds of adverse influences.

The lifespan of vinyl fencing is much longer than the projected lifespan of other materials. Wooden fences, for example, come with a projected lifespan ranging between five and 10 years. Vinyl will remain in a good condition for a much longer period of time. Its strength will remain intact and so will its colour.

Additionally, vinyl fencing is not susceptible to termite and other pest attacks. This is a major problem that makes wooden fences very vulnerable.

Aluminium Fencing
Aluminium is a material that tends to be much better than traditional chain-link fences that are made of steel. It is superior to wooden fencing, as well. Aluminium is a really tough material that will not rust, corrode or get damaged for decades.

Aluminium fences are easy to install. If any of the components get damaged, they can be replaced individually without demanding a large-scale repair project. The aluminium can be painted, enabling the customisation of the commercial fence.

The fences manufactured for commercial customers use a different grade of aluminium than the ones created for the needs of households. This is why the variety is excellent for ensuring the security of the site.

Ornamental Fences
The ornamental fence, as its name suggests, is great for venues that need to look beautiful.

Ornamental fences are less suitable for ensuring the security of a warehouse or a factory, for example. They will be great for a store, an office or another venue that is visited by numerous clients.

Such fences can be made of all kinds of materials. There is diversity in terms of patterns and appearance, as well. Some of the materials commonly used for the creation of ornamental commercial fencing Derby include iron, aluminium, wood and stainless steel.

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