Commercial Fencing for your Home

Commercial fencing can be an option for homes as well. There are stronger and more durable options available than the typical residential fencing choices. All of the same materials are available in commercial fences as residential including vinyl, wood, iron, and chain link. Some things that are often offered with commercial fence that aren’t with residential ones are larger designs, barbed wire and remote gate systems. Commercial fencing companies are often better trained in the installation processes and can provide better warranties as well.

Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Traditional Wood

Commercial wood fences can be anything from the standard picket fence all the way up to walls and barricades. The hardware used is typically commercial grade as well so rust and others issues are at a minimum. Wood fences are a less expensive option that some of the other choices as well. They can provide the privacy and protection you desire and are aesthetically pleasing. There are many styles and designs available for commercial wood fencing that will compliment your home and taste.

Chain Link

Chain link is another great choice for commercial fencing around your home. This can be a means to keep the dog and kids inside or keep the critters out. Chain link fencing is also available to provide ultra-security. They can reach twelve feet high and have razors or barbed wire if you need. There are gates available for chain link fences that can be remote operated and have auto locking features as well. A chained link fence can be coated in black to be more appealing and less industrial looking, some companies even offer colored coatings.


Iron is probably going to be the most expensive option for commercial fencing but is also the most durable, long lasting, and attractive of the bunch. With a custom designed rod iron fence on your property you will really make a statement. The beautiful designed offered range from simple to intricate and there is one for every purpose. Whether you need a fence for security or eye appeal, commercial fencing made of iron will give you years of joy with very little maintenance necessary. Iron fencing is also a great idea for around the pool area. It gives you the ability to view the pool from the outside but keeps kids and animals out. The gates are strong and long lasting as well so they are great for repeated use.


Finally, vinyl commercial fencing. Vinyl gives you the wood look without the maintenance. There is no need to ever stain or paint a vinyl fence and they come in a variety of colors. You can have most of the styles of fencing offered in wood in vinyl but it will cost more. The benefits are realized over the years with the durability, absence of splintering and deterioration, and minimal attention your fence will require. Vinyl fences also make great garden borders to keep pests out of your plants.

No matter what type of fencing you are looking for, opting for commercial fencing products will give you a high quality fence that meets your high standards.



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