Commercial Fencing for Security and Safety

It is an unpleasant fact these days that security measures to protect homes and commercial premises have to be more robust than ever. Increasing crime, industrial espionage and vandalism means businesses have to be more vigilant about security and implement systems that provide a serious deterrent. Commercial fencing is used frequently to border schools, sports fields, parks, country estates and various public spaces as well as protecting individual premises

Modern security fencing provides a practical solution for fully integrated perimeter security and access control using standard steel security fencing and high security fences making it an excellent deterrent and safety solution.

Advances in technology mean there is a choice of fencing panel types to suit the environment, local planning regulations and aesthetics. Most security fencing suppliers will provide a free site survey and give a professional recommendation suited to your needs.

Commercial fencing can be tailored to suit your particular commercial site and blend in with the building type and location. There are practical functional styles that can be adapted into a sophisticated “smart fence” system with a vibration detector incorporated into the fencing system.

Fencing panel types include:

Wire mesh
This type of fence panel is well known as a security fence and is a standard solution for many businesses. The wire mesh type performs well and is affordable when there are budget constraints. The panels come in different strengths, gauges, and heights making them a versatile choice. Wire mesh is usually from a metre to three metres high. They come as galvanised or PVC coated in various colour options to blend in with the area being protected. Wire mesh affords good visibility, yet it is secure and daunting to any would be intruders. Typical uses are to protect the boundaries of dangerous areas such as railway tracks, electricity sub stations, builder’s yards, and premises where goods are stored outside.

Steel panels
Steel palisades are very strong and present a clear message to would-be intruders. The panels can have optional features such as different configurations of sharp points on the “attack” side of the fence. These configurations make the fence impossible to scale which will deter any climbers. Different colours allow this type of fencing to look less industrial and it will fit in with most environments. Steel panels can be erected quickly which saves on labour costs. Various height options and customisation means this type of fence will suit most locations.

Chain link fencing
Chain link fencing is a low cost option and is very flexible. The fence panels are set between embedded concrete fence posts, which help strengthen the fence. It can be climbed so often two additional strands of wire run along the top of the concrete posts. This is often barbed wire or razor wire. This solution is purely functional and gives a definite “keep out” message. At lower heights, it is a great solution for protecting areas in public spaces and can be obtained in different gauges and coloured PVC coatings.

Smart Fences
All types of commercial fencing can be adapted to become a smart fence by adding a vibration detector. The vibration detector is triggered when someone tampers with the fence. The alarm system is then set off and the detectors can record which part of the fence line was under attack, record the time of the attack and switches on a CCTV camera, which captures the details. All of the data is recorded via computer making this the ideal commercial fencing protection.

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