Commercial Fencing:10 Steps To Starting A Community Garden

If you are interested in Commercial Fencing then maybe you are an avid gardener or have an interest in gardening. Gardening doesn’t just have to be confined to the spaces of your home it can expand in to vast areas of your community, in the creation of a Community Garden.

Community Gardens

Within the UK there are ten million people who don’t posses or have access to a garden. These people are missing out on significant health and social benefits as well as the enjoyment and pleasure of a leisuresome hobby. If you are interested in gardening but haven’t got a garden of your own or wish to explore further gardening options you could join in with Britain’s flourishing community garden movement.

It relates back to the 1960’s were it was a response to the decline in open spaces and with the increase in populations moving towards high story buildings and tower blocks. This had created a breakdown in communities and many neighbourhoods lacked in the old time good community spirit that once thrived. Subsequently there are now over 500 community gardens and city farms in the UK.

Community Gardening is helping to provide an opportunity to get involved with all and any aspect of gardening, and they bring huge benefits to local areas. Every Garden created is unique and individual to that area there is no set blueprint or plan to work from so each project differs according to the priorities established in that community.

Many are destined to become wildlife havens or  are for the purpose of growing vegetables; while others are simply designed for the community to socialise, sit and relax.

If you are interested in this video or any of this information read the full article here.

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