Anti-climb measures for fences and walls

If you’re looking for added security for your home, then commercial fencing Derby think that anti climb measures could be the perfect solution. Although you may feel perfectly safe in your neighbourhood, sometimes you may feel as though you need a little more security just to be that bit safer. Commercial fencing Derby contractors have provided this short guide on some of the things you can do to help make your home that little bit more secure.

Commercial Fencing Derby

Commercial Fencing Derby

  • If you have timber trellis then you can look into attaching thorny climbers. But always ensure your timber is weather treated to ensure it doesn’t rot, as this can look unattractive. Always ensure you get planning permission if you want to create more height on your fencing.
  • Barbed wire is a great option if you are concerned about burglars, as this can deter them very easily at a very low cost. Although it’s appearance is quite ugly, it can often do the trick, although you will have to put up signs to warn that there is barbed wire on your fence.
  • Manufactured spikes can work in a similar way, but perhaps look a bit better visually.
  • Rotating and spinning tops are often used on bigger commercial buildings to deter intruders, and to make it more difficult to climb over the fences.
  • The importance of warning signs on any of your commercial fencing is high here. By putting up warning signs about your fencing, is a deterrent for burglars in itself, but it will also protect you legally if an intruder harms themselves on your property.
  • Anti climb paint is another good option especially if you have high fencing. Again, warning signs will need to be put up, and it’s best not to put it on low fences as anybody could get the paint on themselves.

As you can see there are many deterrents for your home that you can add to your commercial fencing. Always do thorough research into which ones will suit you best.

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