8 Signs Your House Isn’t Secure

You’ll be surprised at just how many burglaries happen in homes each year, and believe it or not, it may be the smallest thing that is attracting them to your home. There are many different security options you could be choosing to ensure your home is more protected, such as fence panels, security cameras etc, but think about the smaller details that could be giving your home away, and making it less secure.

Fence Panels

Fence Panels

When you go away on holiday, make sure you don’t make it obvious that your home is vacant. You could even get a neighbour to come round and look after your property, making sure someone is at the property on a regualr basis.

Leaving bins out when it’s not collection day

This is a tell tale sign that either your just lazy, or that your home is vacant, or will be vacant for a good few days. This gives robbers the perfect opportunity to take what they want from an empty home.

Having lots of trees and plants in your gardens

These can provide great cover ups for opportunists, and can give them a great place to hide. If you want plants and shrubbery in your garden, keep them trimmed back, and make sure your doorways are clear.

Windows on your garage or outhouse

Many people choose to store expensive items in their garages, sheds or out houses. From tools to motorbikes, it’s expensive stuff. So if you have an out house or garage be sure to avoid having windows, or anything that can make your good easily visible.

“Hiding” a spare key in your back garden, or under a door mat

We can’t stress enough how important it is to not do this. This is by far one of the most obvious places you can hide your keys, and will also be one of the first places that burglars will look for when trying to enter into your property.

There are many options available to help keep your home that little bit more secure, and to give you a bit more peace of mind.

Fence panels are a great addition to any area of your garden, they provide privacy as well as additional security. If you really are worried about intruders, you could add spikes onto the top of your fencing, this helps to deter burglars, and makes it much more difficult for them to access your property.

Read the full report on what you should look out for in your property: http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/a16396/home-robbery-target/

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